Want a hair change? Here are our top places to find current hair inspiration.

You’ve had the same doo for some time; the seasons have changed or to put it frankly your board and so over your hair right now.

Where for out thou inspiration?  And looks we love heading into Summer.

#1 – Your hairdresser
If you’ve been with your hairdresser for some time now, it’s highly likely you trust them (well we’d like to think so). Ask them their opinion on what change they’d recommend for you, your hair type, lifestyle and even your budget. Before you mention you’re after a change, have a quiet word to your self about how much change your needing. To some clients, change is a tiny bit more than their usual trim and a subtle quarter of a shade darker in colour. Others it’s going from hair halfway down their back, to a cute pixie crop and black to platinum. Are you the client who needs to have a consult with your hairdresser before the actual doo day, or are you of spontaneous nature and jump in all guns blazing? Top tip – if you desperately want a colour change and you’re the impulsive type, you definitely should have a quick chat with your hairdresser beforehand rather than assuming that your usual colour booking will still be enough time to accommodate the change you’re after. Most colour changes of the extreme nature can take a lot more time and processes to achieve – remember we don’t carry wands.

Colour Tones


#2 – Fashion websites
Our fav go-to site for supercurrent hair and fashion trends is vogue.com.au. After all, how could you disagree with a look hot off the runway?



#3 – Instagram, Pinterest, and other Social Media Platforms
The world of social media has a wealth of inspiration for all kinds of things. It’s a great place to start identifying what it is that you’re attracted to when it comes to the shape of a cut or tone of colour. However, viewer beware – there’s a lot of crap on there too.
Take into account how the hair is styled and will you honestly be willing to put the effort in daily for it to look like that. Unfortunately, when it comes to hair colour images on social media – there is not a lot out there that have not been altered either by a light ring or a filter. Ensure to ask your stylist if this colour is achievable on your hair, will it suit your skin tone and how many sessions it will take till you rock that tone.



#4 – Google
Oh, wise oracle google – tell me what I should do with my hair! There’s nothing like a quick search on Google to spark ideas. Again, viewer beware – Uncle google will give you what you ask for, so if you search “best hair to suit a 50-year-old”, you’ll get a bunch of 50-year-olds, regardless of what era.