Treat yourself and your hair

At home, we’ll be sowing our summer veggie seeds and planting new plants for a splash colour. You’ll spend the time picking out the best specimens in the store. You only want the best start for your plant babies, so you get all the primers for soil, take the time to work their new home, religiously water and watch them grow…

Righto. “So what’s your point here?” you ask. We draw on this same concept by nourishing your scalp to promote healthier hair growth.


Prevention and ageing aren’t new words in the beauty industry. I’m sure we’ve all spent time at some point at the beauty salon to maintain that glowing complexion and by keeping a healthy lifestyle with the right food, exercise, not smoking, drinking plenty of water, etc, etc. All the things we know we are meant to do to look after that healthy lifestyle. It goes for promoting a good soil bed for a healthy and balanced scalp, thus healthy strong hair to follow.

Let’s be realistic here – Our poor hair gets damaged pretty quickly, whether it be that daily swim, to much sun, heat or chemicals. I’m sure most of us can admit that our hair and scalps not better off for it. Hate to sound like a broken record here – prevention where possible then nourish and maintain regularly is the key!

Our in-salon treatments are formulated to target your hair and wellbeing concerns. Whether your hair is parched and is in need of intense hydration, is utterly naffed from overheating and colouring, your scalp’s throwing a hissy fit and is dry or oily, or you just need (or want, no judgment!) a more extended head massage to ease tension from your manic week.


Check out our treatment menu, ranging from Olaplex infusion, Hair Infusion, Deluxe Infusion, Spring Clean Detoxifying Infusion to an Indian Head Massage we will customise a treatment just for you.

So why not unwind and have that cocktail for your hair. It would be rude not too.