Tools of the trade

Sitting in the seat at the hairdressers was always such a treat.

Nowhere to go and nowhere to be for the next 3 hours.  Time for me.

I would always plug myself into my iPad, read my magazine and sit with my coffee and nut bowl quite happy in my little bubble while Sam would colour my sparkles away before Tracy would work her magic with her shears.

Now being on the other side of the seat, it amazes me the things I never noticed when I was a client. Like the number of scissors, they carry in those pouches.

Within the first couple of weeks into my new role at Common Thread, I managed to drop Tracy’s Cloud 9’s and smash them to pieces! Good work Andrea. Tracy being Tracy shrugs it off and says, “Did you have a hissy and throw them on the floor?  You’re lucky it wasn’t my scissors”.

I, of course, couldn’t leave this alone and had to know why.  Which lead’s me to share this story.

Holy cow, their scissors cost more than my first car (shit, now I’m showing my age) and are lovingly handcrafted unlike my mass produced Mitsubishi.

The stylist’s at Common Thread ONLY use Mizutani shears.  They’re the holey grail of hairdressing scissors.

Individually handcrafted, and when they’re in need of sharpening or realignment, they go back to the individual who’s hands carefully crafted them originally. You can almost feel the passion and pride that has gone into these individually handcrafted pieces.

Who knew a hunt for steel could be such an art form?As Shae and Kirsty pack their beloved shears into their quintessential velvet orange box (I’m sure this is the Tiffany chocolate box for hair stylists) to go back to their creators to be sharpened and realigned, I now understand why they have so many in those pouches.  And why the ladies have separation anxiety while they’re gone for the month.

Mizutani has a dates back to 1921, where the first-ever pair of Mizutani scissors was produced in Asakusa, Tokyo. Not satisfied with his shears the founder made it his passion and tireless quest to create and design a product that would cut adequately and be easy to handle. He was rewarded with enthusiastic support from his customers. “We still maintain the tenacity, passion, and strong will to spare no time or effort in honing the traditional techniques that have been passed down to us in our quest to produce better scissors.”


Mizutani seeks the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship – which gives them no other option than to handcraft each piece. Having skills passed down through the generations the tradition, passion, pride, tenacity, and techniques are not lost, allowing Mizutani’s craftsmen take their time to produce each pair of our scissors with great care.

Common Thread Mizutani Story


When Mizutani craft a new model of scissors, their thoughts are always with the user and how to integrate the function, quality, and beauty of each piece.

“We believe the work of our craftsmen is to breathe life into each pair of scissors. Scissors can have a beautiful existence only when their users can sense the passion of the creator. All models are designed with close attention to detail and are developed with passion and sophistication. Scissors that lack one of the three elements — function, quality, and beauty — cease to be Mizutani scissors.” Mizutani seeks something that cannot be explained by numeric values, such as the warmth, and comfort of handling, and the joy of holding and using quality scissors.


Now sitting in the chair having my hair snipped at takes on a whole new meaning, and I can’t help but think, thank God I didn’t drop Tracy’s favorite scissors. Probably not the best start to a job.

xo Andrea