The ‘Just Got Out of Bed, but I wasn’t sleeping’ french roll

Reminisce with me for a moment…

You’ve been to an event, and you were looking pretty damn suave.

Glad rag’s on, high heal’s on point, and a glamorous French roll top finish your look off.

The night was great – real great.

You lift your head to catch a glimpse of your morning self.

Eyeliners a little smudged, but wait – check out what once polished french roll is looking like now…

STOP, don’t even think about touching it – not even for a minute.

Clients pay good money for that ‘I just got out of bed, and I wasn’t sleeping look.’

Own it lady – you’re still damn fine in the morning.

We talk to Shae about how you can create this look at home.

After all – effortless is sometimes the hardest thing to achieve.


How To:

Step 1:

Wash your hair with R&Co’s CACTUS for a bit of texture and grit then dry your hair without using a brush.

Step 2:
Spritz with R&Co’s ROCKAWAY SEA SALT SPRAY from the roots to the ends to add even more texture.

Step 3:

Softly comb hair around hairline and part into the parting you want.

Step 4:

Grab your mid’s/ends between your first two fingers, with your fingers pointing down and the back of your hand to the back of your head.  Now, twist your hand so now your palm is pointing to the opposite side.  Use your other hand to hold the roll as you gently slide your fingers out.

Step 5:
Hold in place and bobby pin hair until its tight on the head

Step 6:

Personalise to how messy you want