The Beauty of Giving – So They Can

We’re excited to announce that for November every retail item or 15-30min hair & scalp treatment sold will go towards helping support the So They Can charity.

The Charity was founded in 2009. After the 2007 Kenyan presidential election, tribal violence left 250,000 west Kenyans homeless.

After fleeing their homelands, the united nations stepped in and housed the refugees in temporary tents in the Nakuru showgrounds. Desperate to get the people back to their homes the government gave each family $100. About 6700 refugees banded together and bought a piece of land.  On this land, they erected their tents and became known as the ‘Pipeline Camp.’ The founders of So They Can visited the Pipeline Camp and were approached by the community to express their distress over the children’s education. Seeing a desperate need, they also saw an opportunity to help break the cycle of poverty, stopping the tribal violence.


So They Can Poster



The problem was that the existing public schools could not educate the children. Class sizes were between 60 to 200 children per teacher, and one textbook was shared between up to 5 students. A new school was needed.

The community took the founders to a 5-acre block of land 2kms from the Camp and was informed that it was owned by the Teachers’ Co-Operative. They asked them to speak with the Government and to build that school and to educate their children.

Negotiations began, resulting in a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kenyan Government outlining the government’s commitment to fund teachers, water, electricity, and roads. So They Can constructed the school and would hold the majority on the Board of Management overseeing its management.

In 2010 the doors to the Aberdare Ranges Primary School were open and So They Can was born.

Five years on and many lives have seen positive change, much has link, but there is still so much more to do.

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