hair spa

time spent at the basin is often said to be “the best part”. we’ve listened to those moments of euphoria and have come up with these.

Olaplex Infusion – $40 (15mins)
Olaplex is an incredible little helper when it comes to upping your hair’s protection and strength. Seriously, the stuff is praised by some of the top names in the hair biz!

Hair and/or Scalp Infusion – $30 (15mins)
Want to ignite fuller, thicker and more radiant looking hair? Allow our unique formula’s to strengthen every last hair from the inside out.

Deluxe Infusion – $40 (30mins)
It’s time to stop the seemingly never-ending journey for silky perfection. We’ll calm the mind and body with a shoulder and neck massage, followed by Japanese dry brushing on your scalp and hair to stimulate blood flow. After exfoliating your hair, our lotions and potions will work their magic and a 15min head massage to top it, all off. Bliss!

Spring Clean Detoxifying Infusion – $50 (45mins)
Think of this as a facial for your hair! This infusion is designed to exfoliate and detox stressed hair and scalps that are suffering. We’ll use a Detoxifying Mud that’s active ingredients in draw out the impurities that have settled on the scalp and hair. Your locks will now be in an optimal state to soak up all that hydration and protein your hair and scalp needs.

Indian Head Massage 15 Min – $30 (*Bookings only with our Indian Head Massage Specialist, and is best performed before any other service)
Your time at the salon should be the unbroken epitome of relaxation. Allow our skilled and seasoned hands to provide you with the well-earned time out you deserve. Drawing on traditional Ayurvedic methods combined with techniques to suit the western way of life, Indian head massage is practised with you seated in a chair, fully clothed and without the need for oils. Got tension carrying in your upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, head, face and ears? Indian head massage benefits the whole body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Indian Head Massage 30 Min – $40
Need a little extra “you” time? We’ll double your massage slot to allow you to walk away feeling on top of the world.

Indian Head Massage 45 Min – $50
30 minutes STILL not enough? We’ll TRIPLE the indulgence