cut and blow-wave

(All prices shown are subject to change and should be used only as a guide. Additional time or embellishment of service may result in an increase.)

Cut & Style Consultation – Complimentary (15mins)
Don’t know what you want? Ok – got NO idea what you want? We’ll provide you with a thorough consultation, on the house – in the house!

Woman’s Cut & Style – (45-60mins)

Sarah – $103, Kirsty – $93, Samantha – $83
This self-explanatory service speaks for itself. It’s a professional service that varies in cost depending on the experience of the stylist assigned to you. Either way, rest assured you’ll walk away feeling like your hair is bouncing in epic slow motion!

Men’s Cut & Style(45mins)

Sarah – $80, Kirsty – $70, Samantha – $60
We don’t just look after ladies – we’ll sort you guy’s out too. One of our seasoned and passionate hairstylists will give you something to check out in your rear view mirror. This service cost varies depending on the stylist assigned to you.

Woman’s Cut & Style with Tracy – $113 (45-60mins)
Men’s Cut with Tracy – $90 (45mins)
Over Tracy’s journey as a hair guru she’s been fortunate enough to create a rather devoted following and now exclusively serves her loyal clientele. Apologies in advance if you had your heart on this lady tending to your locks – her client list is closed.
(Wanting advice on which talented Common Thread stylist is right for you? Tracy will always make herself available to ensure your concerns and choice is effortless.)

Personal Hair Styling Lesson – *Complimentary (30mins)
We’re sure you know the feeling. You watch your hairdresser without so much as blinking to observe and absorb their mastery. But then you get home – and still, can’t do it. That’s why we’ll give you a personal hair styling lesson, *within the week after your first visit. Whoop whoop!

wash and blow wave

From $50 (30mins)

(A blow-dry is compulsory for every colour service. Blow-drys are done at a special price of $40 when booked with colour services).
Sometimes, a little blow-wave can do the world when you just don’t have the time or energy to deal with your lock’s as swiftly as we can.

dry style

Dry Style 15 Mins – $35
Time not on your side? Not to worry. Just wash and dry your hair like you normally do at home, and we’ll swoop in and save the rest of your day! Need a quick straightening? Simple yet sophisticated ponytail? Sassy curls? Just let us know, and we’ll make it happen!

Dry Style 30 Mins – $45
Need a bit more of an elaborate do? No sweat. Just wash and dry your hair back home, and allow us to add the final magic touch with straightening irons, a glamorous pony – whatever your heart (and most importantly, hair…) desires!

special occasion

Hair Up – $88 (45-60mins)
Up-dos have the power to change your entire appearance. Have the perfect outfit and killer heels – now all you need is the ultimate updo, and you’re ready to go!

Makeup – $88 (45-60mins)
Yep – we do that too! Just think of us as chameleons – minus the big eyes and rough exterior. It’s best to bring along your foundation to prevent any unnecessary orange appearances. After that, allow us to give you the majestic makeover you deserve!

Wedding Party Callout – $115 an hour per stylist/makeup artist (including travel time to and from the venue)
We understand that this is probably the biggest day of your life thus far, and time is not on your side on this busy, manic day. We’ll come to you and turn your unique vision for you and your party into beautiful bridal reality.

Wedding Hair Trial – $88 (45-60mins)
Weddings are hectic enough as it is to have to worry about not liking what your stylist does on the big day. Before ‘the day’ we’ll do a full trial to test out what’s a potential contender, and what to avoid like the plague.