New Products in the house for September

Davines Renewing

Prevention is the best medicine. We’ve all heard this right, but probably not about our hair products.

The Davines philosophy is not out of the norm, what you put in your body will affect what you see on the outside.

Davines Renewing RangeThey suggest we increase our Omega 3’s, salmon, oily fish, chia seeds.  Also Selenium: wheat germ, broc, eggs.  Drink heaps of water, change your white wine to one glass of red per day, exercise and take a supplement and protect not only your skin but your hair from those harmful UV Rays by popping on a hat or bandana. Makes sense we always pop sunscreen on before going out in the sun, why aren’t we protecting our hair from the sun.

The Renewing range makes the hair softer, more shiny and full bodied. It’s perfect for the maintenance and well-being of your scalp and hair as well as a preventative treatment of aging.

Ingredients include maqui berry extract – Pure Antioxidant superfood. Spinach extract – reduces inflammation.

So who doesn’t want shiny, silky hair and with anti-aging properties.

Shampoo use as desired
Conditioner use as desired
Serum use only after using the Shampoo and Conditioner

Full Range:
Shampoo 250 ml $42
Conditioning Treatment 250ml $52
Serum Superactive 100ml $75

Click on the link below to learn in a nut shell what renewing will do for you.





81fmNfWRi6L._SY606_After that product that listens to you? GRID will help your hair stay on track. The lightweight setting spray will help keep those frizzy, flyaways locked in place, while moisturizing and nourishing

Protect the hair against damage caused by heat styling tools.


Shake well. Spray evenly on damp hair before styling, then blow dry. Flat-iron or curl if desired. For the best, most-structured results, use only when styling with heat.


FRAGRANCE:  RELATIVE PARADISE – A bright, earthy composition. Sicilian Lemon, Tangerine, Eucalyptus, Green Tea, Tree Moss, Crisp Amber




Welcome to the team William



It feels like yesterday….imagine the Breakfast Club final field scene fist pumping into the air – that was me. I jumped with excitement after my surprise job interview with Tracy on the 31st March.

Oh Honey, I smashed it; I had a trial the following Saturday Arhhh! Then was offered part time, to work late nights and Saturdays. More Fist pumping and jumping around.

My First week at Common Thread was CRAZY. I came into it after leaving school and being in limbo for five months, Oh did I also mention I had landed a place in a makeup course for the next four months. That’s me people everything or nothing. Moving from client to team member was a dream. I was learning so much every day and never failed to go home at the end of the day feeling like I’d accomplished something and content that this was a place I belonged in.

Break open the champagne I’ve graduated from my course and can get into this full-time work thing. I loved my course, but I was feeling a pull towards Common Thread. After commuting every day between Newmarket to Pukekohe the train tracks and I had a love hate relationship. But I’m pleased to report I ended that relationship. Being local is so much easier.

The whole team has always treated me so kindly and respectfully. And have helped me every day throughout my journey at Common Thread, and I couldn’t be happier and share that feeling with all our clients.

So look out for me I will be here.

Brooke’s Allilon Training


































Brooke’s back from her ALLILON Training, here’s a snippet of what she got up to…

I packed my bags Saturday night ready for my five-night stay at a Ponsonby Airbnb, all ready for my four-day class.

It was interesting the other two in my class have been hairdressing for twenty or so years and another for eight years and they were as hyped as me to learn these new ways.

Here’s a snippet on Allilon’s philosophy;

We believe that any tool or technique can be powerful in knowledgeable hands.

Alongside understanding the When, Why and How? Allilon has created The Allilon language of hair with the purpose of uniting hairdressers all around the globe with one common language helping standardise our industry and the way education is shared.

Coming to the end of my Common Thread training with Tracy, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to attend the Allilon Technical Cutting on my side. I’m excited to share this education not only with the team but also with Tracy’s clients that I am looking after while she is on leave.

Brooke x



Everyone’s been talking about Olaplex for a while now. And it’s no wonder: as hair colour trends get more frequent and more experimental, the promise of a salon and home treatment that claims to restore your hair back to its virgin state even as your colour is being applied is alluring indeed. Hairdressers are calling it the “Holy Grail of hair care”.

Even if you suffer from Split Ends, Dry, Frizzy, Brittle, hard to blow dry, brassy tones, actually if you just have hair on your head that has heat or colour thrown at it – then OLAPLEX is for you.

So how does it work? The best way to explain it is to think about having weak bones. You would have to take calcium to strengthen bones from the inside. This won’t, however, change the way your skin feels to touch if you want soft feeling skin you need to apply moisturiser. And, let’s face it you need to do this all the time to achieve smooth skin. Is a women’s job ever done?

Ok, so it’s the same for your hair. You would apply OLAPLEX to mend and strengthen the inner structure of your hair. But just like the skin if you want your hair to look and feel glossy, you will need something to the outer layer.

In a (technical) nutshell, Olaplex is a turbo-charged bond reforming product that repairs disulphate sulfur bonds within the hair structure, which can be broken down by heat, colouring or other chemical treatments.

OLAPLEX is truly the “holy grail” of hair repair. Not only do we use it in the salon as an additive in your colour for longevity, as a treatment but you there is also OLAPEX No.3 that you can take home and use as regularly as you like. Our personal favourite is to apply OLAPLEX No.3 to dampened hair when we get home, sleep with it on (don’t worry ladies it doesn’t stain the pillow cases) and wash it out the next morning. You can also leave it on for as little as 15 minutes to as long as 12 hours, as long as it is wet on your hair, it is still working. Voila, your hair is on its way back to its virgin state.

We even found at a recent training that it is perfect as a styling product for wirey or curly hair, Children’s tangled hair and ladies even the man in your life beard will benefit from it.  So to say this product is a must is an understatement.


Vogue Beauty Awards 2017: Best of Haircare and Hairstyling

Our new toy’s have arrived – Mask with Vibrachrom

News flash…

Our fabulous colour brand Davines has just launched it’s new and improved formulas for its traditional colour line called Mask with Vibrachrom (technical speak we know… but we’re all just a bit excited and feel the need to share!). c1632a40946485c080596fc342ecfa72

So I hear you say – “Awsome new toy for you guys, but what does this mean for me?”

For our clients, that choose to have Davines A New Colour line (our ammonia-free colour) – nothing is changing for you.

For the rest of you, the new formation brings:
– LESS FADING (thanks to a sneaky new ingredient inspired by the textile industry)
– MEGA REFLECT AND SHINE (why thank you Mr Omega 9)
better condition (hands up for active proteins derived from quinoa)
– BETTER GREY COVERAGE and less ammonia than the old formulation (gotta love that).


Here’s the other thing that will be changing for our Mask with Vibrachrom clients – your colour recipes we’ve been using.

We’re super excited about re-formulating your old colour recipes to adapt to this new range.

And with that sniff of Spring in the air – who wouldn’t want a refresh…


We’ve Reviewed our Prices…

image1Dear Clients.

You know that we love and value each and every one of you. Without your support and loyalty, we would not be the salon we are today.

As a team, we value education, progression, sustainability and creating the best experience for you all. To do this, we pour a lot of time, energy and investment into learning to be the best artist’s to make your experience in our chair’s something non-harmful, unique and valuable.

Our goal with each appointment is to provide you with the relaxing experience you deserve, healthy hair that looks great to your next visit and a style that compliments you brings out your best features so that you can feel confident every day.

Each of your needs is different, and we love to come up with specific and personalised hair plans for each client including which of the best sourced, conscious products and tools are best suited for you, teaching you tips and tricks to wearing your hair day today.

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday the 2nd of August, we will be implementing a price revision for our service. We are doing this so that we can spend the perfect amount of time with each of you to focus on your unique needs and not to have to rush you out of our chairs.

To see the new price list, please visit

We don’t say this often enough, but we love and appreciate our relationships with you all. Thank you again for your loyalty and support.

Tracy and the team at Common Thread

We sip tea and talk shop with Common Thread owner Tracy Sarjant Roberts

Hair Salon Pukekohe Common Thread Director Tracy Sarjant Roberts

When and why did you launch your salon?

14/8/12. After being based in Auckland’s CBD for the first 11 years of my career, I wanted to create a nurturing, real space. For clients in a fast-paced world, it’s nice to be able to provide a getaway where the focus is on them. For my team, I love to be part of growing their goals, tools, and confidence and only wish to be part of the chapter of their career stories.

Assisting my salon by using boutique brands has been a rock for many of the decisions we make at Common Thread. The most important decisions we’ve made are based around our wellbeing as hairdressers. Unfortunately, a close family member has suffered through ill health for the past ten years, so I made a conscious decision that I didn’t want to work with anything that would put my clients, staff and own health at risk.

Being able to make choices that are progressive and conscious is the primary drive behind launching Common Thread.

Describe Common Thread in 10 words or less. 

Thoughtful, escape, inviting, talented, fresh, upcycled, restorative, progressive, conscious, sassy.

Name three key muses/inspirations.
1. Good friend and past colleague Jason Chong Li – I have watched Jase grow to the amazing hair ninja he is today. He is by far the most driven and hard working hairdresser I know. Everything Jase has achieved is 100% him – he knows who he is, what he wants and he will do whatever it takes to fulfil it!
2. Start with Why author Simon Sinek – Every time I get a bit foggy with why and what I’m doing I come back to this book. It inspires me by challenging my thought process and is the driving force behind not becoming a robot overwhelmed by the daily grind.
3. Loyal client and ex-chief executive of Mental Health Foundation Judi Clements – I’ve been fortunate enough to be Judi’s hair artist for the best part of ten years now. I say ‘artist’ because that’s what she allows me to be. Judi is one of the biggest inspirations to me because she is living proof of being true to yourself, disregarding criticism and actions life hurdles as just a slight detour.

Your favourite quote?

“It is not the length of life, but the depth.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What’s your favourite product and why? 

Olaplex – I love how it maintains the hair’s integrity and allows us as colourists to achieve greater looks for our clients.
A close second would be R+Co AIRCRAFT – best styling product EVER!!  I love how it can change the most conservative do into Ms. Sassy Pants.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned as a hairdresser/salon owner?  

Be present, don’t take things personally and only react when you’re calm.

Describe your approach to hair in 10 words or less. 

Intuitive, control, ageless, diverse, spontaneous, artist, confident, daring and professional.

What’s your greatest dream as a salon owner/stylist?  
Continue to contribute to the more talented next generation of hairdressers.  We spend the first years of our career trying to master the technical aspect of hairdressing and learn the rest by osmosis.

I’d love to educate our up-and-comings into being masters of communication, adding value and running their own business within a business.

As day-to-day hairdressers we wear a lot of hats, and if we had all the right tools from the beginning then we would be able to offer our clients so much more than just a hair style.

We’ve heard you personally no longer take on new clients, why is this?

There’re many reasons.  I made this decision a couple of years ago, after quickly establishing my clientele after opening the salon.  It’s mostly around working on the business not just in the business, and being open and honest about being human and not being able to do everything without compromising my own, my clients and team’s expectations.

It’s important to me, my clients and team that I stay progressive and creatively inspired.  And slogging away for twelve hours a day, doing back to back clients with no room for adjustment or error doesn’t leave much room to nourish one’s creative soul.

Out of respect for my clients, being so heavily booked they can’t reschedule their appointment without waiting for another two months is just absurd and frustrating for both of us – and trust me, unlike other hairdressers I’ve come across in the past, it does nothing for my ego.

It’s why I spend a lot of time with my team and why we are so focused on education at Common Thread.  My team are incredibly talented and driven for the right reasons.  We all work in close collaboration with each other and our clients, and it’s important that we all are available to add original opinion where our clients need it.


What to do when your roots are showing and that last week before your hair appointment seems like an eternity away?

The answer:  Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray.

You may have come across hair crayons, or mascara’s in the past, and you probably found them waxy, greasy looking or felt like your scalp is being suffocated. But not this little saviour – not a chance!

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray instantly cover greys and roots or revive highlights between appointments. Natural Microfine Mineral immediately and effortlessly cover to conceal unwanted grey roots and regrowth by adhering to hair fibres blending seamlessly with your natural shade when—and where—you need it. The quick-drying powder formula with Rice Starch also absorbs dirt and oil to refresh hair. Added UV Absorber helps prevent further colour degradation while strengthening hair fibres.

So next time you’ve got a last minute event crop up, no need to panic that everyone is going to know the truth about you having grey hair or that your not a natural blonde. Spray a little Oribe magic to your hairline and parting, swipe on your fav powerhouse lippy and strut your stuff.



Available in: Platinum, Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Red

RRP – $49

Finalists for Team of the Year Industry Awards – oh yessss!

Hair done… Check. Face on… Check. Glad rag’s on… Check. And we’re off to the 2016 Industry Awards night that was held last night at the Studio on K-Road.

Enter the room into a sea of hairdressers all looking fabulous and predominantly wearing black. Wine glasses are clinking, hugs and smiles shared as we reunite with fellow hair crafters.

The night kicks off with short show’s by New Zealand and International industry leaders to inspire our creative minds.

Finally, the moment of all of us has been waiting for. Who will be the winners?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t our time last night – the award went to Three Hairdressing from Whangarei. However being named one of five finalists in the Team of the Year category is incredibly exciting and humbling.

Competition aside, I am extremely grateful to work and create alongside my talented crew. Seeing what we can create not only on camera but every day on our beautiful clients is winning to me.

Behold our “New Grunge” inpired collection.

xo Tracy


Special thanks to everyone who was involved in the shoot:

Karen Ishiguro – Photographer, Ben Loirs Blair – Video, Gee Pikinga – Makeup, Amita Kala – Stylist, Models Rani, Shayna, Elliot, Megan, Grace and Brooke.

AND… here’s  a sneek peak of behind the scenes at the shoot.

Word’s from our newest stylist Kirsty Hedley…

 What do you love about being a hair stylist?

The thing I love most about the industry is how you can make someone feel.   How they put all trust in you to do something on them and the confidence that comes from that.  I’ll always continue to further myself in gaining new skills and knowledge that will help me to achieve my clients dream hair.

What’s the most frequent problem that your clients come to you with?

I find that a lot of my client’s struggle with finding time for themselves.  They’re busy with their lives, careers, and families and don’t have a lot of time in the morning to spend hours preening themselves.   However, it’s still important to them that they are presented nicely, both for themselves and how they like to appear.  I strive to give my clients achievable looks.

Common Thread is a sustainably focused salon… So what does sustainability mean to you?

In the world full of people who rapidly want more from the world, I honestly believe we need to slow down, make conscious decisions and give back to what we have taken from.

You specialise in Indian Head Massage… What is it and why do you enjoy doing it?

Indian head massage is a traditional massage that’s been practiced in India for over 4000 years.  It’s now been tailored and continually developed to suit our modern lifestyle.  There are many benefits from IHM.  It’s used for relaxation, relief from headaches, improved concentration, and circulation.  What I love about IHM is the time you have prioritized for yourself, to feel time slowing down – even if it is just for a moment.

You’ve just directed your first collection….. Tell us about your photo shoot.

The concept behind my collection was to show strength.  How a simplistic, beautiful and strong women can be.  This was my first collection, so I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.  When it comes to my next collection, I’m going to portray and even stronger more editorial look.