OLAPLEX, we adore you

If you haven’t heard about Olaplex – you’ve been living under a rock, or don’t care about your hair!

We talk to our in-salon Olaplex specialist Sam about this magic hair drug:

Sammy, what the heck is Olaplex?

S:  Olaplex is what is known as a ‘bond reformer’ to us hairdressing folk.  It fixes the bonds in your hair that are broken down by colouring, heat styling and environmental factors. Olaplex repairs the hair from the inside out- think of it as being similar to going to the gym; you don’t expect to suddenly have a solid six pack after going to the gym once, it takes time and consistency to build. The same theory with Olaplex.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 9.37.10 PM

How do you propose I use this potion?

S:  It’s become a staple tool for us in the salon.  We’ve seen first hand the results it gives to damaged and lifeless hair.  When you visit us in the salon, firstly we’ll decide what way Olaplex will benefit your hair.  Most commonly we’ll use a super concentrated formula mixed with your colour application followed by secondary treatment of Olaplex at the basin to give you the most out of your appointment. We strongly recommend the take home “Number 3” Olaplex, designed to keep your hair bonds working together towards that healthy head of hair you desire until your next visit to the salon.


I’ve heard a whisper that the Olaplex family is growing.  Spill the goss – what’s new?

S:  In April, we’ve got Olaplex Shampoo #4 and Conditioner #5 arriving at the salon.  It’s formulated with Olaplex Bond Building Chemistry to restore the hair’s internal strength and moisture levels to add incredible shine and manageability without adding excess weight. And it’s suitable for all hair types.Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 9.36.43 PM


Righto Sam, get your hairdresser geek on and tell me what’s in the bottles.

S:  Bis-Aminoprophyl Diglycol Dimaleate – Helps protect and restore damaged hair by repairing disulfide bonds broken during chemical processing. Bleach, peroxide, perms and chemical straighteners damage hair at a molecular level, leaving hair more fragile and susceptible to tangling and breakage. This innovative ingredient protects, nourishes and restores hair and is only available in Olaplex products.

Mild Sulfate-Free Surfactants Derived from Coconuts – Incredibly mild surfactant. Non-drying, gentle on colour treated and chemically processed hair and scalp. Leaves hair feeling amazingly clean and bouncy.

Acetic Acid – A excellent scalp clarifier to prevent flakiness from forming. Bring’s out hair’s natural shine. A naturally occurring ingredient found in a variety of plants including apples, grapes, and strawberries.

Phytenso – Rapidly absorbs into the hair, provides long-lasting moisture and strength. Naturally-derived plant extract. Offers enhanced colour-protection and photo-protection.

Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil – Highly conditioning and moisturizing.

Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract (Acai Berry Extract) – A superfood high in antioxidants that promotes healthy hair by strengthening each hair from the root. Improves hair health and encourages new growth due to the high protein content of Acai Berry and the Omega-3, 6 and nine fatty acids as well as the A, C, E and B vitamins found in Acai.

Phew, my hair’s feeling stronger already just hearing all about it.  Thanks Sammy!

Want to have Olaplex #4 and #5 as soon as the courier takes it out of his van and into the salon? 

Let us know, and we’ll put you on the waitlist.

Tools of the trade

Sitting in the seat at the hairdressers was always such a treat.

Nowhere to go and nowhere to be for the next 3 hours.  Time for me.

I would always plug myself into my iPad, read my magazine and sit with my coffee and nut bowl quite happy in my little bubble while Sam would colour my sparkles away before Tracy would work her magic with her shears.

Now being on the other side of the seat, it amazes me the things I never noticed when I was a client. Like the number of scissors, they carry in those pouches.

Within the first couple of weeks into my new role at Common Thread, I managed to drop Tracy’s Cloud 9’s and smash them to pieces! Good work Andrea. Tracy being Tracy shrugs it off and says, “Did you have a hissy and throw them on the floor?  You’re lucky it wasn’t my scissors”.

I, of course, couldn’t leave this alone and had to know why.  Which lead’s me to share this story.

Holy cow, their scissors cost more than my first car (shit, now I’m showing my age) and are lovingly handcrafted unlike my mass produced Mitsubishi.

The stylist’s at Common Thread ONLY use Mizutani shears.  They’re the holey grail of hairdressing scissors.

Individually handcrafted, and when they’re in need of sharpening or realignment, they go back to the individual who’s hands carefully crafted them originally. You can almost feel the passion and pride that has gone into these individually handcrafted pieces.

Who knew a hunt for steel could be such an art form?As Shae and Kirsty pack their beloved shears into their quintessential velvet orange box (I’m sure this is the Tiffany chocolate box for hair stylists) to go back to their creators to be sharpened and realigned, I now understand why they have so many in those pouches.  And why the ladies have separation anxiety while they’re gone for the month.

Mizutani has a dates back to 1921, where the first-ever pair of Mizutani scissors was produced in Asakusa, Tokyo. Not satisfied with his shears the founder made it his passion and tireless quest to create and design a product that would cut adequately and be easy to handle. He was rewarded with enthusiastic support from his customers. “We still maintain the tenacity, passion, and strong will to spare no time or effort in honing the traditional techniques that have been passed down to us in our quest to produce better scissors.”


Mizutani seeks the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship – which gives them no other option than to handcraft each piece. Having skills passed down through the generations the tradition, passion, pride, tenacity, and techniques are not lost, allowing Mizutani’s craftsmen take their time to produce each pair of our scissors with great care.

Common Thread Mizutani Story


When Mizutani craft a new model of scissors, their thoughts are always with the user and how to integrate the function, quality, and beauty of each piece.

“We believe the work of our craftsmen is to breathe life into each pair of scissors. Scissors can have a beautiful existence only when their users can sense the passion of the creator. All models are designed with close attention to detail and are developed with passion and sophistication. Scissors that lack one of the three elements — function, quality, and beauty — cease to be Mizutani scissors.” Mizutani seeks something that cannot be explained by numeric values, such as the warmth, and comfort of handling, and the joy of holding and using quality scissors.


Now sitting in the chair having my hair snipped at takes on a whole new meaning, and I can’t help but think, thank God I didn’t drop Tracy’s favorite scissors. Probably not the best start to a job.

xo Andrea

Second Day Hair Lift


Feel like you need a little something to get you through that second-day slump.   And let’s face it who wants to wash their hair every day if you don’t need to.

Good for: Any hair that needs extra grip and elevation. Dramatically refreshes second-day or post-workout hair.


Common Thread Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder


How to use:

Shake gently. Spray on roots, not the on scalp. Spray pump at an angle. Press pump halfway for a perfect dose. Blend with fingers or brush. Encourage texture.

Natural active ingredients:

  • Diatomaceous Earth, a mineral compound that absorbs impurities on the hair and scalp and gives hair subtle texture and grip.
  • Jojoba Seed Oil, rich in vitamins and minerals required for healthy skin. Weightlessly conditions hair and adds shine. Promotes a healthy scalp environment by balancing sebum levels on the scalp.
  • Burdock Root Extract, effective Anti-oxidant. Helps maintain healthy scalp by removing loose dandruff flakes.

Vegan + Cruelty-Free

Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder – $59

Say goodbye to the three F’s – fine, fragile, and falling out…

Our Davines Naturaltech Specialist Will has plenty of advice when it comes to the specific problems with hair and scalp.

Today he’s talking the three F’s… FINE, FRAGILE and FALLING OUT

Both males and females can be victims to the scalp to peeking through the strands of your hair.  If it’s a sudden occurrence, it’s best to chat with your doctor and explore options to remedy the situation.

Here’s some common causes for the three F’s

naive torture

 The way you regularly treat your hair may have a bearing on the condition and thickness of your hair. Do you routinely use hair extensions or tie your hair super tight in the same spot over and over causing your hair to fall out?  The fancy name for this is called “traction alopecia,” which is a thinning or balding due to excessive pulling and braiding.  Ease up and loosen things off a little girlfriend!  Using too many chemical processes or styling your hair roughly with heated styling tools can also lead to thinning, especially for those prone to fine, weak hair.

Stress monkey

Stress and trauma can cause your hair to thin.  When you experience something stressful, such as sickness or death in the family, a divorce or a high-stress job, your growing hairs are pushed into a resting phase instead of continuing the growth cycle, so your hair appears to be finer and thinner.  The hormone Cortisol is the one to thank for this. Once you chill out and regain some peace in your life, the hair likely will begin to grow again – usually after three months.

the complicated condition

Fine, thin hair could be the result of a medical condition. Thyroid and hormonal issues can all cause hair to become finer and thinner it’s essential to see your doctor for testing to rule out a possible medical problem as the underlying cause.

pill popper

Some medications cause your hair to fall out or thin over time. Some of these medications include blood thinners, antidepressants, and even contraception. If you notice a change in your hair after starting a new medication and it’s bothering you, see your doctor about choosing another type of medication to manage your condition.

you are what you eat

Watch what you put in your mouth… Malnourishment can all cause hair to become finer and thinner. The seed won’t grow if the soils are dire. Nutrients that contribute to hair and scalp health include silica, omega’s, niacin, biotin, zinc, and vitamins A, B6, and C. A varied diet based on the basic food groups should provide ample amounts of these nutrients. Goodbye processed crap – Wholefoods all the way!

Thanks to your parents

If you have a family history of fine, thin hair, then it may be a fact of life for you and your family. Male pattern baldness is the most common reason for thinning hair in men.  Even if you’re a woman with fine, thin hair, it could merely be genetics that causes hair to grow finely, thin with age or fall out altogether.

Will’s 3 step recipe to combat the three F’s

  1. Feed your follicles the good stuff.  Eat wholefoods and supplement with Zinc, Silica, and Omega.
  2. Come in and talk to me about the Naturaltech Energizing line.  ENERGIZING stimulates circulation and new hair growth using caffeine phytoceuticals and improves hair elasticity, preventing loss and breakage.  It also reinforces weak hair to avoid breakage. I’ll personally prescribe you whats best to combat your F issue!
  3. Chill out. Schedule in some calm time by taking a morning walk or a daily meditation practice. Breathe and lower your Cortisol levels.


give me some of that tonic!


Energizing Thickening Tonic will help you fine haired beauties feel a whole lot more thickness in your hair.

Good for: anyone with fine hair

It increases the diameter of the hair fibre, expanding it from the very first application.  Enriched with hair energy complex for a healthier, stronger hair and a toned scalp. Energizing Thickening Tonic increases the size of the hair fibre by 5%*, leaves hair glossy, full-bodied, all without weighing it down.

Common Thread Energizing Thickening Tonic

How to use:

After shampooing, apply the product to towel-dried scalp and hair. Massage gently and comb through the length of the hair for even distribution. Do not rinse. Use as needed, as well as after every wash.

Natural active ingredients:

  • Green tea extracts are the most potent anti-free radical ingredients, possessing anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vitamin b 3, reduces the production of sebum in the scalp and improves skin hydration.
  • Caffeine phytoceuticals – stimulate the cellular metabolism and improve blood circulation;
  • Hair energy complex –  regulates the production of sebum – gives hydration on the surface


Energizing Thickening Tonic – $64

Easy Peasy DIY Doo’s

We’re talking headbands, headscarves and knotting your hair into a low bun!

With hairstyles being more low key for Summer 2018 – why not turn it up with the perfect hair accessory?

Here’s our top 3 favs for Easy Peasy DIY Doos.

#1 Stiff Headbands

These have graced the heads of many models on recent runways, Dolce & Gabbana, Lela Rose and Elie Saab just to name a few.     Studded with ornaments and jewels – and a little touch of fluff or simple black headbands adorned with flowers and fabric.  Why not take creativity into your own hands and custom make a unique band your self?



#2 Head Scarves

Every doo just looks prettier thanks to printed scarves.  Tied loosely or tight.  Worn to the top, back or side, long or short – the choice is yours.  Nip to your local 2nd hand store and rummage through old nans pile of silks or splash out.  And an added tip to adopting this look – it conceals any evidence of greasy roots or hairline fuzz.  So practical.


#3 Knotted Buns

Keep it low and slow – nothing tight and slick here.  Literally (length permitting) tie your hair in a knot, then secure with a bobby pin.  Shorter lengths, you’ll still need to use your trusty hair tie – but don’t get fussy about those ends, leave them out for texture.  And its always the details that make the difference check out the triangle shape created with bobby pins.  So if you think hey I’ve got this and wanted to try to give it a go, we suggest popping in some Trophy, Sail or Death Valley all from R&Co to give you some grit and lift. Need more info on these click here http://www.commonthread.co.nz/product-category/styling/

Need more info on this click here: http://www.commonthread.co.nz/product-category/styling/


Royally Clean

NEW from R+Co – CROWN

You no longer have to dream, your crown is here.  In modern-day monarchy, always start at the top.  This purifying and soothing scrub will detox, cleanse and rebalance your scalp

Good for: Sensitive or oily scalps. Anyone looking for a clean, rebalanced scalp and shiny, healthy hair.


R+Co Crown Scalp Scrub



How to use:

Massage a walnut-sized amount into the entire scalp until you feel exfoliants fully dissolve. Rinse thoroughly. Hair will feel shiny and royally clean. Follow with a nourishing R+Co conditioner on mid-lengths and ends.

Natural active ingredients:

Salicylic Acid minimizes build up on the scalp to optimize follicle health. Removes loose dandruff flakes.

Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seed Powder, A gentle yet effective naturally derived exfoliant.

Kaolin, A naturally occurring, mineral-rich clay. Absorbs excess oil from hair and scalp, leaving hair with body and fullness. Promotes scalp health by removing loose dandruff flakes.

Vegan + Cruelty-Free Scalp Scrub

Soft Wave Spray – $64

Party Party Party ……

Que the sunshine and fancy dresses!

Your social calendar is going into overdrive.  Weddings, parties, corporate shenanigans and even a good-ol’ BBQ.

And let’s face it who doesn’t love an excuse to get all glammed up or glammed down?

In 2018 we’re encouraging a more relaxed look, beautiful big bouncy waves and even a simple headband or clippy-thingy can make you feel like you’re catwalk ready.

Outfit check, shoes check, makeup check.  The last thing you need is hair argh on the list.  Don’t even think about just winging it.

Here’s our top look’s to accompany your good times ahead.




So, you did know your lover’s ex is going to be there right?  It’s ok – face it, your going to need help with this one!

Here’s where we come to the rescue.

Time not on your side? You’ve only got 15-30mins?  Not to worry. Just wash and dry your hair like you usually do at home, and we’ll swoop in and save the rest of your day!  Or, need more than just a quick shoosh?  Your thinking a full-on doo – might we suggest you book your makeup with us too.

Click below and head to the bottom of the page for more info. https://commonthread.gettimely.com/book


Want wave’s like you’ve been sailing the ocean all day?

NEW from R+Co – Sail

Set sail with the most natural looking voluminous waves.  This lightweight spray adds natural volume and texture to your hair while giving you the kind of soft, supple, shiny waves you’ve been dreaming of.

For all hair types to get soft waves or any other naturally tousled, shiny, supple look.


How to use:

Spray on dry or towel dried hair. Use fingers to scrunch hair into beachy waves, or style as usual with heat tools. leaves your hair touchable and soft, with enough memory to style again throughout the day.

Natural active ingredients:

Rose hip, conditioning agent that leaves hair feeling soft and revitalized.

Amla, a rich source of vitamin c nourishes and conditions hair and scalp. Has anti-oxidant properties. Adds impressive shine and luster to hair.

Sea kelp, high in vitamin and mineral content. Adds shine, volume, and softness to hair.

Soft Wave Spray – $49