Our new toy’s have arrived – Mask with Vibrachrom

News flash…

Our fabulous colour brand Davines has just launched it’s new and improved formulas for its traditional colour line called Mask with Vibrachrom (technical speak we know… but we’re all just a bit excited and feel the need to share!). c1632a40946485c080596fc342ecfa72

So I hear you say – “Awsome new toy for you guys, but what does this mean for me?”

For our clients, that choose to have Davines A New Colour line (our ammonia-free colour) – nothing is changing for you.

For the rest of you, the new formation brings:
– LESS FADING (thanks to a sneaky new ingredient inspired by the textile industry)
– MEGA REFLECT AND SHINE (why thank you Mr Omega 9)
better condition (hands up for active proteins derived from quinoa)
– BETTER GREY COVERAGE and less ammonia than the old formulation (gotta love that).


Here’s the other thing that will be changing for our Mask with Vibrachrom clients – your colour recipes we’ve been using.

We’re super excited about re-formulating your old colour recipes to adapt to this new range.

And with that sniff of Spring in the air – who wouldn’t want a refresh…