It’s back – Alchemic Colour Shampoo & Conditioner by Davines

We’re pleased to welcome back Alchemic Colour Shampoo and Conditioner by Davines.

Today it’s even more beneficial thanks to its new, 97% biodegradable and 88% naturally derived ingredients, with a high concentration of pure pigments.

Wanna boost your natural tone over this glum winter, or lift the hair colour you lovingly invested in just before you escaped to a sun-drenched climate only to rob it of its sparkle?

Not to worry – the Alchemic range by Davines is to the rescue.

It will maintain the brilliance and the shine of the colours while keeping the hair moisturised and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – its free from sulphates, parabens and silicons too.

We’ve got it available in Silver, Red and Chocolate.


Silver – It intensifies platinum blonde, highlighted and naturally white or salt and pepper hair colour. (Shout out to our silver fox’s – this ones for you!) Also for hair that has just turned brassy due to bleaching or extended exposure to the sun.

Red – It’s suggested to amplify natural brown or cosmetic red and mahogany hair. However, us creative folk in the salon love using it on blonde hair to create various hues of pink. Combo the shampoo and conditioner for the ultimate flamingo or use the red shampoo with your favourite conditioner for a soft candy floss tone.

Chocolate – It is recommended to enhance natural or cosmetic dark brown to black hair. You know us though, don’t you… Never one to follow all the rules. For you blondes out there who flaunt biscotti or caramel shades – keep them topped up with using the brown shampoo. Or, another top tip from us (you can thank us later) – when your a couple of weeks shy of coming to visit us and your regrowth has popped out a little earlier than you’d like, rub the brown conditioner into your roots to blend the regrowth line.

We know what you’re saying, so we’ll say it in advance – Your welcome.

Shampoo 280 ml $39.50
Conditioner 250ml $41.50