Thank you from ‘so they can’

Back in October, YOU, our gorgeous clients helped raise funds to donate to “So They Can” charity.

So They Can want to share with you all where and how your contribution has helped.

We’re proud to have been part of this, and we’re sure you are too.

Trying to start to say thank you and explain where your funds raised went is hard. I want to take you there!

The school, Aberdare Ranges was built by So They Can and now educates 1080 kids. They gave us a Royal welcome!


The school also realized the kids were hungry. So they feed them! Breakfast, lunch and for those who need it, dinner too.


Many of the kids come from the displaced person camp nearby. This was a tented camp after the violent elections in 2006. It now has more permanent shelters. These families escaped with nothing but their lives. Some have been assisted (by STC Microfinance) like Margaret, to set up businesses. Her charcoal sales and shop are doing so well she wants to set up a photocopying business! For those women making sellable goods, an online shop has been set up – they also have a shop at the Miti Mingi Village. It’s another example of how STC are empowering women to rise up and be able to support themselves and their families. I bought a lot!


There are also many kids living in the dump that STC has housed in Miti Mingi Village. Here there are also kids who have lost their parents.  107 kids are living here. They have their own beds, vegetable plots, and five cows!


There are not many outside toys, but the kids find stuff to do at the weekends. Going out of the compound isn’t safe.


STC pays all expenses for these kids. They still don’t have a lot, but they are safe and happy.

Eight kids are living in houses with a ‘mum’. My best friend Lynne is a trauma specialist, and she spent a week helping the mums understand trauma in kids and how they can assist their families in healing. I did HR stuff at the town office and helped Lynne at the end of each day build the kids knowledge of how to self- regulate. 

Your funds have helped do so much. They have helped…

Provide food, education, purchase uniform’s and clothes, provide medical assistance, buy toys and crafts, educate the staff, build homes and classrooms.

You have made a difference. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Please pass on our gratitude to your clients.

With much love & warmth