Brooke’s Allilon Training


































Brooke’s back from her ALLILON Training, here’s a snippet of what she got up to…

I packed my bags Saturday night ready for my five-night stay at a Ponsonby Airbnb, all ready for my four-day class.

It was interesting the other two in my class have been hairdressing for twenty or so years and another for eight years and they were as hyped as me to learn these new ways.

Here’s a snippet on Allilon’s philosophy;

We believe that any tool or technique can be powerful in knowledgeable hands.

Alongside understanding the When, Why and How? Allilon has created The Allilon language of hair with the purpose of uniting hairdressers all around the globe with one common language helping standardise our industry and the way education is shared.

Coming to the end of my Common Thread training with Tracy, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to attend theĀ Allilon TechnicalĀ Cutting on my side. I’m excited to share this education not only with the team but also with Tracy’s clients that I am looking after while she is on leave.

Brooke x