Life would be pretty boring if we were all cut from the same cloth, don’t you think? That’s why hairdressers came to be; to amplify the unique personalities that radiate from each of our distinct beings. Maybe you feel your best with a bright red bob. Perhaps your best bud flourishes with golden locks down to her knees.
While we’re all different people, we have one thing in common. One common thread, so to speak! We all want to look and feel beautiful. We don’t care if you’re 25 or 105. You deserve quality, from professionals who don’t mass manufacture hair-dos! We listen. We understand. And we get that fashion and trends never stay the same for very long. At Common Thread, you can always be rest assured that you can kick back and dig into a delicious cup of tea, knowing that your one and only head of hair is in safe, talented and expert hands.

who are we

Good question. Well, if you’re on the hunt for people who’re passionate about hair, have pride for running a sustainably conscious salon, with an unwavering commitment to keeping in tune with the times. And who hand pick only best brands and tools to work with – you’ve come to the right place. We’re a humble, collective group of seasoned hair gurus, committed to doing right by you and your lush locks. Customer experience is our number one priority, and we have no issue with “holding your space” should you be in dire need of some extended TLC!

We like to think of each of our new and loyal customers like family members, welcoming you with warm, open arms with each and every visit. We’re open to feedback, and strive to make your experience unforgettable. If your experience is anything less than 100% #PERFECTION, we want to know about it to improve it.



We’re a tight crew who work collaboratively with each other and our clients. If you’d like another opinion on what to do, and equally if we’d like to bounce a couple of ideas around on the best way to approach something – we’ll ask each other. We hate old industry terms like senior, junior or apprentice and hierarchy is certainly not welcome in our studio. We’ve got two kinds of hair crafters at Common Thread – Stylists and Colourists.

Commonly – if you have more than a cut, you’ll have a team of two hair magicians working together to create your hairs masterpiece. You and your stylist will come up with the concept, and the colourist will strategically paint and treat your locks with shades of brilliance.

If you’ve had your hair coloured, the best way to guarantee you’re happy, and we’re stoked with the result is by viewing it in all its dry and styled glory. No, we don’t say dry as in parched, we mean not wet. A little piece of proud hairdresser cringes and dies inside when we get told: “I’ll just leave it wet”. So, unless you’re on a super tight time frame (which we completely respect happens), we’ll give your hair the polished finish you deserve to walk out delighted with your new colour.

Running late? It happens – however, we’d appreciate a little head’s up, and we’ll try our best to accommodate you still the best we can. Any longer than 15min though, one of our other team members may be able to look after you, or we’ll organise another time for you. After all, a job rushed never has the best outcome.

Can’t make your appointment because of other commitments? That’s cool, although, as a small studio last-minute cancellations have a huge effect on our business. Without enough notice, it can be a challenge to fill these appointments. We’d appreciate if you’d let us know 48hours before your hair session. Anything less than 24hours before your appointment and you’ll be charged 50% of your hair services like a late cancellation fee. Of course, if we’re able to fill your spot, we’ll waive this fee. We hate to have to enforce this policy and sincerely hope you understand our need to do so.


Some people know exactly what they want. You arrive at the salon, 100% certain as to what you want. You spend days, if not weeks, scouring Pinterest and Instagram, hunting for the picture-perfect look that will make you look like you jumped straight out of Vogue. Then, without any warning, your eyes widen, and your jaw drops in shock as your mind hits a flat-line. What did I want? Why did I even come here?

Others suffer from what we like to call “Do whatever you can because I have no idea what suits me. Help me!” syndrome. And that’s ok! We’ve got you.

It’s also exactly why we have a comprehensive list of our services for you to peruse over a cuppa. We understand that hair terminology can be confusing. That’s why we’ve made this website as simple to figure out as humanly possible, breaking down everything we do in the most layman of layman’s terms possible!

Our tribute to sustainability

  • we re-purpose where possible rather than discard
  • we recycle everything we possibly can
  • we only work and stock brands that are ethically conscientious
  • we don’t use aluminium foil to colour; we use a New Zealand developed and made paper made from quarry rock
  • we feed our worm farm with used tea leaves, coffee grounds and food scraps
  • we collect the off cuts of hair and use them as weed mat
  • we wash our towels in cold water, using eco-friendly laundry liquid
  • we use micro fibre towels for two reasons – they absorb more moisture from your hair, and they dry 2/3rds faster than regular towels
  • we turn our power switches off when not in use
  • we use eco light bulbs
  • we print our stationery on recycled paper
  • we buy in bulk where possible to minimise packaging wastage and excessive transportation
  • we have resident peace lily’s to keep the salon air clean and pure and balance indoor humidity. not only do these plants absorb pollutants, but they also scrub harmful gases out of the air and help fight pollution.